How do i submit my hints?

There are four different ways to submit a hint. Online contact form When using the contact form, please always name the company concerned as precisely as possible. If you are active within a group of companies, please name the company of the group to which your hints relates. Mandatory fields are marked with an *. [...]

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What is the purpose of the whistleblower portal?

The whistleblower portal primarily serves to protect those persons who want to contribute to the detection of violations by a company against the provisions of § 2 HinschG. In addition to ensuring the anonymity of a whistleblower, the company concerned can, thanks to the incoming information, take internal measures to stop violations and prevent them [...]

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What is the whistleblowing portal?

The whistleblower system serves to implement Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report infringements of Union law (so-called "Whistleblower Directive") in the form of the national Whistleblower Protection Act ("HinschG") promulgated on 02.06.2023. From 17 December 2023 at the latest, all companies with more than 50 employees are obliged to set up [...]

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